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Since the year 2002, The founders of The QualiCal Academy have used sound methodology, backed by over  years of hands-on industrial experience, to create the most comprehensive and authoritative content available. 
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Custom Course Services
In addition to our "off-the-shelf" learning solutions, The QualiCal Academy offers a full range of custom course services, including;
  •  Review: of current training materials for instructional effectiveness 
  •  Design: of custom learning solutions (eLearning, job aids, just-in-time training, instructor-led training) 
  •  Development: of custom learning solutions with full multimedia/audio/visual services

Training Grants
Louisiana's local workforce development board offer businesses state training grants specific to the talent and industry needs in your area.   
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Shawn Bourgeois

Quality Manager - B&B Rentals

Quality control is a very important aspect to a successful manufacturing facility, and B&B strives on continuous improvement to ensure the highest possible quality to our customers. In our industry our customers have very high tolerances to comply with and the proper inspection of our products helps us ensure this. We do this by facilitating initial and ongoing training in dimensional inspection along with other areas to employees. I most highly recommend Melanie Cagle and her team at The Qualical Academy for the multiple areas of online training that is available. The online training gives us the flexibility to facilitate training to our employees without compromising production hours, helping us keep our schedule for on time delivery. It is very cost effective in that there is no travel and or classroom rental expense to incur. We will continue to use this portal for training of B&B employees as well as use all other services that Qualical offers. 

Melanie Melancon

Quality Assurance - Pinnacle Oilfield Inspections

Pinnacle Oilfield Inspection Services LLC has been using QualiCal for over 3 years for all of our calibration needs. The service is awesome. They have recently started doing online training courses and I had the opportunity to take the online Thread Inspection Course. Since it was an online course, I got to take it whenever I had time. Some of it was taken online from work, but most of it was done from home. The Thread Inspection Course was easy to follow. The videos that Melanie did were very interesting. If QualiCal had not started online courses, I wouldn’t have been able to learn more about inspection. I look forward to taking more courses. Thank you Melanie Cagle and QualiCal, I now have another certification. I highly recommend Qualical to anyone needing their services. 

Mike Kreller

Quality Manager - Kajan Perfection

Kajan Perfection is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry. Maintaining a fully staffed Quality Department and continuous research in the latest trends and technology is a fundamental part of our business model. Quality is an important part of any business - at Kajan Perfection it is paramount. Commitment to Quality, professional employees and a willingness to invest in both equipment and education all contribute to our success as a respected machine shop. With our commitment to Quality and education, Kajan Perfection has trusted the professional team at QualiCal for both it's calibration and training needs. With the introduction of online training services, QualiCal has brought a much needed service to the industry. The opportunity to professionally train employees by taking online inspection classes is a great benefit to the oil and gas industry. Essentially, employees can be trained at work, at home or from anywhere in the world if the need arises. QualiCal has a proven track record of being innovative in it's effort to assist the numerous companies that benefit from it's training services. Melanie Cagle and her vision to develop a much needed training platform will potentially revolutionize the industry. Along with several other companies, Kajan Perfection will continue to use and recommend QualiCal for it's calibration and training services. I highly recommend QualiCal to anyone needing a service they provide. 
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